My Blog

I love photography and I love writing... and I do both. I guess I'm pretty lucky, especially considering my photographs and articles have appeared in magazines world wide.

While I have always enjoyed the art of making photographs, and remember cold snowy winter days spent in the woods doing so, it wasn't until recently that I decided to push it further.

Since 2005 my work has been published regularly in national magazines and my photographs have also appeared on magazine covers, posters, prints, banners, clothing and athletic programs.

In addition to working in music I have also enjoyed success shooting landscapes, portraits (including pets and engagement photos), sports, weddings and other special events such as parties and special functions, and I have experience photographing in studios as well as on site locations.

I have been fortunate to find a semblance of success from a hobby, the most important thing is that I still do it because I love and enjoy photography. When it's a chore, I will gracefully and artistically bow out.

Please feel free to contact me to fulfill any of your photographic needs.

List of Publications (feat. both Photograpy and Writing):

Metal Edge
Hails and Horns
Loud Fast Rules
Outburn Magazine
Ruin Magazine
Maximum Ink
Suburban Life