Unique couples. Unique needs. Unique contracts.

Your wedding day is your day, and your day only. Likewise, your memories should be your memories and yours only. If you've ever flipped through various wedding albums you've probably shared the same thoughts: looks like every other wedding, only the faces and backgrounds are different. The events are the same, the cliched wedding shots are the same... have you ever thought to yourself, "I was at that wedding, where's the photo of (insert funny wedding moment here)?" Chances are the photographer was on his way home. Maybe Uncle Charlie captured it between visits to the bar, but not likely.

AGP doesn't force you into specific packages, and we never try to up sell you. Maybe you want all digital photos, no custom edits and no prints. Why should you have to pay for services you don't need? Most photographers won't allow you to pick and choose. Maybe you don't want 800 shots, you just want the best published in an album. That's fine too. Maybe you want it all. digital files, albums, creative and special effect touch-ups and colorings, printing, matting and framing for gifts - whatever your INDIVIDUAL needs AGP will accommodate you.